Tropical Fruit Direct – Retail market access

Building on  80 years of industry experience in fresh fruit in both domestic and international markets, Tropical Fruit Direct is dedicated to growing the Tropical Fruit category for the benefit of growers, suppliers, retailers and consumers. 

We are passionate about delivering fresh, quality produce to meet and exceed the expectations of a increasingly sophisticated and well informed  consumer base. 

Adopting a ‘field to fork’ approach, we celebrate and promote fresh and quality tropical produce and the farmers that produce it.  In turn, we offer consumers inspiration, education & connection to their food source to nourish the mind and body.

Consumers can have confidence around the provenance, authenticity and sustainability of produce supplied by Tropical Fruit Direct.


Tropical Fruit Direct is a grower initiative aimed at providing the best financial returns to the grower for whole of crop sales.  We have put the grower at the very heart of our operation.

The core foundations of the Tropical Fruit Direct business model is to connect the grower to the consumer, by establishing and maintaining long lasting relationships between growers, marketers, wholesalers and retailers in the tropical fruit category.

At Tropical Fruit Direct, we thrive on challenging the norms – focusing on partnerships and not transactions.  We provide growers with complete transparency of the supply chain and our team is equipped with modern facilities around Australia to serve markets with confidence and expertise to grow your business.

We deliver value to wholesalers and retailers not only through providing high consistency, quality and communication within the supply chain; but also by sharing and inspiring consumers through enticement, engagement and education on tropical fruit lines.  In addition, we work with wholesalers and retailers to ensure that they are equipped, with the knowledge to promote the category.

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