Jet Direct – Customised logistics support

Jet Direct offers expert third party logistics services to a range of clients.

Operating from our sophisticated, technologically advanced facility at Acacia Ridge in Brisbane, the Ernie Wood Building, Jet Direct offers leading edge storage and ripening services, fruit conditioning, pre-packing and order preparation, all tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Jet Direct’s purpose-built cold storage facilities feature ethylene injected rooms for precise ripening, and Humidfresh cool rooms providing high humidity to maintain fruit quality and weight.

The temperature-controlled pre-packing area uses modern machinery managed by a team of highly trained packers to cater for any packaging demands, guaranteeing efficiency and accuracy with minimal wastage.  Skilled fruit handlers provide hand packing, grading and quality control, with pre-pack options including flow wrapping, wine tag netting, pillow pack bagging and strip band bagging.  Packaging formats are adaptable to incorporate artwork, bar codes and product descriptions.

Jet Direct is experienced in dealing with the demanding specifications of all major supermarkets and independent customers.  Advanced order preparation and logistics services, including order assembly and delivery, enable Jet Direct’s clients to service their customers promptly, efficiently and economically with state-of-the-art expertise and technology.  Jet Direct’s services provide access to a range of new markets with minimal investment, backed up by Jet Direct’s extensive experience in fruit handling and conditioning and in-depth market knowledge.

Jet Direct provides a professional, reliable and confidential service. No-one understands the stringent requirements of fruit retailing and export better than Jet Direct. As part of the Jetbest Group, one of Brisbane’s most experienced fresh produce wholesalers, Jet Direct successfully markets all grades of fruit through its widespread market exposure.

For more information, call (07) 3272 5450.