JE Tipper – Your wholesale market specialist

The Jetbest group has pioneered fresh fruit marketing in key wholesale markets in Australia through innovative programs that add value at every step of the supply chain for growers, retailers and customers.

We have brought together Australia’s largest expert group of papaw and papaya growers in the ground-breaking Jetbest program that transformed the marketing of tropical fruit in Australia.  Our expertise, facilities and specialised services help growers manage the supply-demand differential while consistently delivering quality produce for customers.

We work with independent retailers and suppliers to optimise efficiency.  Careful management of potential variables in all aspects of the supply chain allows us to provide the right quality product at the right time in the right market segment.

High-tech ripening and cold chain facilities, advanced logistics capabilities and trading floors in Brisbane and Sydney provide optimal ‘speed to shelf’ outcomes.  Our diversified grower base ensures consistency of supply throughout the year and buffers market impacts due to regional variations and natural disasters.

Our innovative marketing, delivered through our Tropical Fruit Direct and JE Tippers divisions, continues to evolve and add value for growers and customers.  Our forward-thinking marketing continues to evolve and add value for growers and customers.  


Brisbane Markets:  Tel: 07 3379 1041 or email

Sydney Markets: Tel: 02 9763 1323 or email