Exotic fruit is increasingly popular with consumers, adding delicious and nutritious variety, novelty and interest to weekly grocery purchases.  Fuelled by Australia’s multicultural heritage and fascination with new and exciting foods, the Exotico program promotes consumption by marketing exotic fruit under a brand consumers recognise and trust.

Exotico lychees are Australia’s best.  Their distinctive pinkish-red skin peels away to reveal luscious, juicy, translucent white flesh around a shiny brown seed.  Similar in texture to grapes, lychees are sweet and refreshing.  Chilled lychees are a perfect complement to summer.

Buying, Ripening and Storing

Australia boasts the world’s longest lychee season, from October to March, with supply peaking in December and January.  Choose pink or red fruit, not green or brown, and store at room temperature for a few days or up to a week in the refrigerator.  Lychees freeze well for up to six months.

Eating and Enjoying

Exotico lychees are the perfect summer snack and partner well with coconut: for an easy, exotic dessert, serve Exotico lychees with coconut ice-cream and sprinkle with coconut shards.  Exotico lychees add a new level of sophistication to fruit salads and a tropical twist to many drinks and cocktails, salads and seafood dishes.

Exotico lychees are packed with antioxidants.  Just seven lychees deliver the same vitamin C as a small orange.  They are low in kilojoules, fat-free and have a medium glycaemic index (GI).

From Our Growers to You

Exotico lychees are 100 per cent Australian.  Grown in Queensland and Northern New South Wales by specialist farmers, Exotico lychees are hand harvested.  J E Tipper (‘Tippers’) markets Exotico lychees around Australia and services growing export demand.

Get with the Program!

J E Tipper is an industry leader in tropical and exotic fruit marketing.  The Exotico integrated marketing program positions lychees as a quality consumer product with effective brand recognition, delivering measurable benefits for growers, retailers and consumers.  The Exotico program provides consumer information, including recipes, tips and ideas; industry guidelines and handling criteria; and promotional opportunities supported by a labelling program to encourage consumption.

With more lines coming, now is a great time to be part of this fresh new marketing approach.  Call Tippers on (07) 3272 5450 or email admin@jetipper.com.au.

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