Fresh Fruit Marketing

J E Tipper has pioneered fresh fruit marketing in Australia through innovative programs that add value at every step of the supply chain for both growers and buyers.

Tippers brought together Australia’s largest and most expert group of papaw and papaya growers in the ground-breaking JetBest program that transformed the marketing of tropical fruit in Australia.  More than 100 specialised growers have completed J E Tipper’s strenuous quality assurance and food safety training which is recognised as the industry standard.  J E Tipper’s expertise, facilities and specialised services help growers manage the supply-demand differential while consistently delivering quality product for customers.

Tippers works with retailers and suppliers to optimise efficiency.  Careful management of potential variables in all aspects of the supply chain allows Tippers to provide the right quality product at the right time in the right market segment.

Tippers’ value-adding marketing enables growers and buyers to keep pace with ever-increasing consumer demands in a dynamic and constantly changing environment.  The company works with growers and research organisations to develop and supply quality fruit varieties.

High-tech ripening and cold chain facilities, advanced logistics capabilities and trading floors in Brisbane and Sydney provide optimal ‘speed to shelf’ outcomes.  Tippers’ diversified grower base ensures consistency of supply throughout the year and buffers market impacts due to regional variations and natural disasters.  This was particularly evident in 2006 when Cyclone Larry devastated regions of North Queensland but J E Tipper was still able to supply customers around Australia, cementing Tippers’ reputation as the most reliable supplier for key products.

J E Tippers’ forward-thinking marketing continues to evolve and add value for growers and customers.  The development of the consumer-focused FreshChef app provides retail support by generating demand for tropical fruit.

JET Direct

J E Tipper leads Australia in the specialist handling of tropical fruit, particularly papaws, papaya and bananas.  Its benchmark logistical and value-added services are provided to other wholesalers and clients via the purpose-built JET Direct facility at Acacia Ridge in Brisbane’s premier industrial precinct.
JET Direct provides state-of-the-art ripening, storage, handling and freight logistics services that ensure thorough and expert management of the cold/supply chain.  JET Direct technology also delivers pre-packed fruit according to retailers’ needs.


The exotic fruit market is a rapidly growing segment, fuelled by Australia’s multicultural heritage and fascination with new and exciting foods.
The Exotico program provides consumer information, including recipes, tips and ideas; industry guidelines and handling criteria; and promotional opportunities supported by a labelling program to encourage consumption of exotic fruit and vegetables.


The FreshChef app provides retail support by generating consumer demand for exotic and tropical fruit.  The free, interactive app features an extensive recipe library and tips for using tropical fruit, as well as nutritional information, advice on seasonality and storage, and promotional programs to help consumers make the most of their fruit purchases.
The consumer-focused app evolved from J E Tipper’s landmark JetBest marketing program that delivered quality and consistency to the wholesale market.  J E Tipper continues to add value by nurturing consumer demand and educating the public about tropical fruit, in an easily accessible application that is popular with consumers.

Research and Development

J E Tipper invests in the future development of the papaya industry by supporting Griffith University researchers to develop a genetics/breeding program and conservation initiatives incorporating seed germination, in-vitro and seed storage and cryostorage.
Internationally, research into papaya molecular markers for flesh colour, skin colour, flavour, and virus and fungal resistance brings together papaya industries in Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Hawaii, Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela.