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It sounds like a childhood fantasy – selecting food based on how good it tastes – but with fresh fruit, flavour is the best indicator of quality.  Flavour First is a range of superior fresh produce, delivering consistent excellence for retailers and consumers.

Flavour First makes buying fresh fruit easy.  The Flavour First brand promises fruit that will ripen perfectly and deliver the finest taste and texture.  Take the guesswork out of buying fresh produce: look for Flavour First mangoes, ladyfinger bananas and coconuts and know you’re buying the best.

Buying, Ripening and Storing
Nothing says summer like Flavour First mangoes but the Australian season begins in September and extends to April, peaking from December to March.  Choose Flavour First mangoes with a sweet aroma that yield to gentle pressure.  Colour is not a reliable indicator of ripeness.  Store Flavour First mangoes in the fruit bowl until ripe, then refrigerate.  Mango flesh and puree freezes well.

Flavour First ladyfinger bananas take longer to ripen than Cavendish bananas.  Store at room temperature until the skin begins to blacken, an indicator of peak ripeness and flavour.

Choose Flavour First coconuts that contain some liquid (shake them to make sure) and are heavy for their size.  They can be stored for up to three months.  Remove the flesh from the husk and slice, shave or grate to serve.

Eating and Enjoying
Flavour First mangoes are a summer essential.  Popular for desserts and smoothies, Flavour First mangoes add a distinctive sweet richness to salads and grilled mango cheeks are great with barbequed meats and seafood.  Mangoes are full of vitamins A and C and are a rich source of potassium, fibre, beta-carotene and calcium, with a low glycaemic index (GI).

Flavour First ladyfinger bananas offer an interesting twist on the shopping trolley staple.  Sweeter and smaller than Cavendish bananas, they are the perfect self-contained snack and lunch box favourite.  Serve sliced Flavour First ladyfingers drizzled with passionfruit on ice-cream, folded through yoghurt or atop a pavlova.  Ladyfinger bananas have a low glycaemic index (GI) and provide sustained energy.  They are rich in anti-oxidants and provide the best fruit source of vitamin B6, as well as other B group vitamins and vitamin C.

Flavour First coconuts are delicious with papaya, bananas, rice and lemongrass and complement fish, shellfish, beef, pork and chicken.  Coconut strips make an attractive garnish for dishes and drinks and the flesh adds a lively freshness to curries and sambals.  Coconut fat has a unique structure that has a positive effect on cholesterol.

For more information, serving ideas and recipes, download the free FreshChef app and follow FreshChef on Instagram.

From Our Growers to You

Flavour First mangoes and ladyfinger bananas are 100 per cent Australian, grown by expert farmers and marketed nationwide by J E Tipper.  Mangoes have been cultivated in Queensland since 1840, and are also sourced from the Northern Territory, New South Wales and Western Australia.  More than 90 per cent of Australia’s bananas are grown in Far North Queensland.

Get with the Program!
J E Tipper is an industry leader in fresh fruit marketing.  The Flavour First integrated marketing program positions a range of fresh produce lines as quality consumer products with effective brand recognition, delivering measurable benefits for growers, retailers and consumers.  To be part of this fresh new marketing approach, call Daniel Lutman, J E Tipper’s National Sales Manager, on 0419 19 29 29 or click here

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